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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Mrs. Lee, a licensed Orange County psychic, has been in practice for over 40 years. One of the many services that she provides to her clients is past life regression therapy. This particular form of therapy focuses on restoring memories of a person’s past lives. Reincarnation is at the center of this therapy. Reincarnation is the belief that after a person dies, they are reborn into another life here on Earth. It is believed that the experiences you have in past lives can affect you in your current life. Past traumas and experiences can continue to have negative effects in your life if the trauma is not faced and resolved. The process of past life regression therapy requires a person to reach a state of regression then be guided by their past life regression psychic into recovering the lost memories. Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about past life regression therapy.

Do I Have to Be a Believer in Reincarnation For The Therapy to Work?

While this therapy is based on the belief in reincarnation you do not have to believe in reincarnation for the therapy to be effective. Often those that seek past regression therapy that are not believers in reincarnation, see the memories that are uncovered as stories their mind is telling them. These stories can be a framework to guide the person in their own healing. They can be seen as a way for your unconscious mind to guide you to healing. A belief in reincarnation is not required for the therapy to have amazing results. Mrs. Lee is the best psychic in Orange County and will gladly guide you through this process.

Do I Have The Ability to Reach a State of Regression?

If you are open to the process of regression then you most likely can be led into recovering your lost memories. Those that are extremely skeptical of the past life regression therapy have a harder time reaching a meditative state of regression because they have a resistance to its concept. This resistance can form a mental block that prevents them from reaching the necessary meditative state for regression to occur. An open mind will keep a mental block from forming. It is also important that you trust your regression therapist. Without trust, you may have trouble letting your guard down enough to reach the necessary meditative state. Mrs. Lee will work with you to help you have an open mind to past life regression therapy. As the most experienced psychic in Orange County, Mrs. Lee will guide you through this process step by step.

Why Do People Seek Out Past Life Regression Therapy?

Many of the people who do past life regression therapy are hoping it will guide them on their life path. So many people go through life without knowing their purpose or setting an intentional path to their lives. Without purpose, our lives can feel aimless and lacking in meaning. This form of therapy can offer guidance and meaning to your life. For many people remembering their past lives allows them to recognize unhealthy patterns that have carried into their current life. The first step to breaking these patterns is to first acknowledge them. Past life regression therapy can aide in this process. Mrs. Lee will not only help you identify any negative patterns that have shown up in your life but also help you to end those patterns and create healthier new ones.

Will I Still Have Control of Myself While Undergoing Past Life Regression Therapy?

While under in the meditative state necessary for this therapy you will still be in control of yourself. Your past life regression therapist will guide you through the regression process but you will ultimately still be in control. While the state of regression is an altered state of consciousness you set the path. A regression therapist will simply guide you by asking you certain questions to help clarify your memories. Mrs. Lee is a talented psychic and past life regression therapist and will help lead you through your memories but ultimately you will set the journey.

How Will I Feel After Past Life Regression Therapy?

How you feel after a session depends upon what happened during the session. It is most common to feel a sense of slowly coming awake after coming out of a deep meditative state, like waking from a deep slumber. This is often followed by a feeling of relaxation and ease once you fully come awake. Depending upon the intensity of the memories you may feel drained or exhausted to varying degrees. Other times you may feel fully energized and ready to face life at full blast. The memories that you recovered will stick with you after the therapy. You may have a sense of surprise after you have recovered long lost memories but as you take time to process them the shock will ware off and acceptance will follow. Accepting past life memories will help you to identify and make changes in your current life. Having a licensed Orange County psychic is important when going through past life regression therapy. Mrs. Lee will gently guide you into deep meditation and help you accept the memories. As a certified life coach Mrs. Lee will then assist you in creating a plan to make the changes you desire in your current life.

Orange County Psychic

Past life regression therapy often has positive results for those who seek it out. While there are many that are skeptical of this therapy countless people have reaped the lifelong benefits. It is very important that you find an experienced past life regression therapist to conduct these sessions with you. A subpar therapist will not be able to provide you with the full results of the therapy. After serving the Orange County community for over 40 years Mrs. Lee is more than qualified to take you through this process. She has dedicated herself to helping those in Orange County find spiritual fulfillment in their life and heal from past and present traumas they have experienced. Her overwhelming compassion for all who seek her out sets her apart from other licensed psychics in Orange County. Call Mrs. Lee today and find healing and purpose under her care.

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