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Chakras Balancing & Chakra Alignment

Chakras Balancing or Chakra Alignment

Chakra Balancing also known as Chakra Alignment or Chakra Clearing is the process of removing the blocks a person has internally that is preventing the flow of energy or “CHI”. Our bodies have a natural flow of energy that many cultures believe is the lifeforce of our being. Sometimes our Charkas get blocked or out of balance. When this happens our “chi” or energy cannot flow naturally resulting in problems in our lives. There are 7 Chackas the make up our bodies.
Chakra Balancing or Chakra Alignment will help you live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Chakra Balancing & Chakra Alignment by Mrs. Lee's Psychic - Chakra Levels

Mrs. Lee can Align and balance your Charkas to 
Love ~ Health ~ WealthPeace ~ Wisdom

Finding One’s True Self and Destiny

Kundalini Arousal

Through the Sushumna Nadi

Kundalini is conceived by the Hindus to be coiled up energy residing at the base of the spine in the root chakra.  In most people this energy is asleep but it can be aroused through a number of practices involving for example yoga, meditation, and Deeksha, which is the transmission of energy from an awakened person.

When the energy is aroused it ascends through the spinal column in the Sushumna channel passing through each of the chakras on its way to the brain.

Chakra Balancing & Chakra Alignment by Mrs. Lee's Psychic - Connection
Chakra Alignment Deepens Your Connection with Your Partner. Feel More Connected, Love, Trust, & Happens.

Chakra Balancing with Meditation and Emotional Release Prepares for Kundalini Awakening

During meditation the individual gets increased conscious access to lower levels of consciousness – he is confronted with his subconscious or unconscious mind.  This process is associated with a lowering of EEG frequency and an increase of amplitudes (more alpha and theta waves).  In deep meditation, more and more neurons of the brain work in synchrony at a slower and slower pace directed by bodily and subcortical mechanisms.  This is an attempt by the brain to confront, contain, and eventually integrate blocked feelings and traumas at deeper levels of consciousness.  These old repressed traumas encountered in the process must be confronted, felt, and consciously integrated.

The increasing access to the unconscious may be facilitated by both meditation and feeling releasing therapy, which tends to elicit the same kind of brain wave changes (slower frequency, higher amplitude).  Mediation may increase attention, sensitivity, and access, while the expression of feelings during release therapy can promote the actual release of physical and mental blocks in the body and nervous system making the person more whole.

Licensed Orange County Psychic

Chakra balancing can have a profound life effect.  Some peoples chakras are out of alinement and need the help of a professional to realign and balance there energy.  Mrs. Lee, Orange County psychic, is here to help. After 40 years of experience, she will gladly direct you through these processes. Focusing on positive energy and having a clear mind will help you achieve balance and inner peace. Having the help of a licensed Orange County psychic such as Mrs. Lee on your side will allow you to enjoy the proper chakra alignment.

While Mrs. Lee is well versed in chakra balancing, she offers many other services. Not only is she a licensed psychic in Orange County, but she also serves as a certified life coach. In her many years of experience, she has guided her clients on their life journey. When you seek her services, she will meet with you to see what your specific needs and goals are. She will then determine the best services to help you with your unique healing journey. Call Mrs. Lee today and take the first steps in your restorative journey.

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