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Crystal Programming

Crystal Reprogramming and Charging

Licensed Orange Country Psychic Mrs. Lee has been in business for over 40 years as a licensed psychic and certified life coach. In her many years in service to her community, she has used crystals quite effectively in her work. Crystals and gemstones are an important aspect of spiritual and psychic healing. Many people can be somewhat skeptical of the effectiveness of gemstone and crystals when it comes to spiritual healing, but it is a tried and true practice that has been in use for countless years. Proper maintenance and care are required for crystals to be used effectively. There are certain steps and measures that Mrs. Lee recommends for those who purchase and use crystals.

When a person purchases a crystal, it is important that they reprogram and dedicated it to fit their specific use. An undedicated crystal is like an empty vessel ready to soak up energy and intention. If it is not properly programmed and dedicated it can take on energies that surrounded it, including negative energies that will take away the positive properties of the crystals. Therefore, it is so important to program and dedicate your crystals as soon as possible after purchase. There are clears steps to this process that we have outlined below.

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Onyx (Black) - Balances the mind and body. Expressing your vision powerfully in the world.
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Clear Crystal (Clear) - Enhances intuitive abilities and expression, promotes clarity, and is excellent for healing on all levels.
Tigers Eye (Brown & Gold) - Separates our false desires from what is truly needed. Grounding energy and helps to manifest will through action.
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Rose Quartz (Rose) - The heart healer. Heals emotional grief and wounds. Opens and strengthens the heart to unconditional love and affection. Has the power to dissolve emotional wounds.
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Sodalite (Blue) - Enhances the ability to communicate openly, speaking one's own truth. Helps to think rationally. Awakens the mind to higher consciousness.
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Amethyst (Purple) - Reduce mental tension, good for protection, opens spiritual and psychic centers, purifies thoughts and dispels anger, fear, and guilt.

Crystal Programming and Dedicating Crystals

After you purchase your crystal it must be programmed but it has to be done by the person using it. Have a sentence in your mind such as, “I commit this crystal to be used for good and not evil. I send my own positive energy to dedicate my crystal for positive and restorative use.” If you have purchased your gemstone for a specific use include that in your mantra. This will allow the programming of the crystal to be defined and directed.

Next, place the crystal in the palm of your hand and focus in your mind’s eye on a white and pure light surrounding it. In your mind repeat your mantra several times, at least 5, and pour positive energy and intentions into it. As you do this sense the energy of the crystal. As it begins to be reprogrammed the energy of the crystal will begin to feel stronger and stronger. Sensing the energy of the crystal will allow you to know when it has fully been programmed. Knowing if it has completed its programming is quite simple. Ask if it is has reached its completion and focus on its energy. A yes from the crystal will be confirmed by an increase in energy. If it is not ready it will decrease in energy. Once you have completed programming the crystal the final step is to dedicate it. Clearly in your mind focus on your positive energy and state, “So be it” or “It is done.” This last statement will complete the programming of the crystal so that it can remain undisturbed.

Programming and dedicating a crystal can be a daunting task for those new to the process. It is important to have a licensed Orange County psychic aide you in this process. Mrs. Lee is experienced in the art of crystal programming and will take you through its process step by step.

Crystals Energizing

Once a crystal has been taken from the Earth it will no longer have the ability to charge itself on its own. As a crystal is used it can lose its energy over time. For your crystal to remain effective after you have programmed and dedicated it, it must be charged.

The use of the sunlight is extremely effective in charging crystals. Simply place your crystal in sunlight for about seven hours but no longer. When crystals are exposed to sunlight for several hours it restores their positive energy and will be more effective when used as it is at full capacity. Make sure to bring your crystal inside when the sun begins to set. While moonlight is used to clear and cleanse crystals it is not ideal for energizing crystals. If your gemstone is left in the moonlight its energy can be changed from the purpose you set for it.

Another way to charge your crystal is to place it in the earth. Simply take a glass jar and place your crystal in it. Bury the jar in natural soil and leave it there for up to seven hours. Plastic and metal containers will not work as their properties may disturb the charging process. Before crystals are dug up and sold, they are naturally charged by the Earth. The healing and restorative properties of the Earth surround the crystals and gemstones and keep them charged until they are removed. Burying the gemstone in a glass jar allows this natural charging process to take place.

How To Program Crystals

In metaphysical terms, programming a crystal or other stone is storing an energy pattern in a crystal.  The energy pattern programmed into the crystal can be any intention, thought, color, emotion, sound, use, or any other request.  These vibrations can be accessed to bring those energies into use.

This one way to program a crystal so that you or anyone else can benefit later from the energy pattern programmed into it.  If you have a different method you prefer, use it.  I don’t believe there is one way to do it, but rather many, and you should choose the one(s) that suit you best.

Needed to Program Your Crystal

•  The Crystal

•  Clear Intent – Know What You Want To Program The Crystal To Do

•  Focused Action – This Method Is One Focused Action

Step One – Clear your crystal with whatever method you prefer, and sit down with your crystal at your personal space or in a place that you’re not likely to be disturbed while you are programming your crystal.

Step Two – Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (right hand if right-handed) and clear your mind of unrelated thoughts.  Start to focus on your intention for the programming of your crystal.

Step Three – Focus on your intention for your crystal by saying descriptive words aloud.  For instance, if you want to program your crystal to bring peace of mind, start repeating the words “peace of mind” over and over again.  A whisper will work fine.

Step Four – Repeat your intent verbally into your non-dominant hand, then place that hand over your crystal to push the vibrations into the crystal.

Step Five – Continue holding the crystal and repeating your intention until it feels as though the vibrations have sunk into the crystal fully.  If necessary, repeat step four.

Once your intuition tells you or you have a sense that the crystal has accepted the vibrations, open your hands and thank the crystal.

If you cannot do the programming for any reason, Mrs. Lee or any trained professional Certified Crystal Programmer can do it for you.

Licensed Orange County Psychic

Many people can take on programming, dedicating and charging crystals on their own. However, these people usually have experience. Mrs. Lee, Orange County psychic, recommend that a beginner seek guidance before taking these steps on their own. After 40 years of experience, she will gladly direct you through these processes. It is important to have the proper mental focus for each of these steps. Focusing on positive energy and having a clear mind do not come naturally for most people. It takes practice and dedication to complete. Having the help of a licensed Orange County psychic such as Mrs. Lee on your side will greatly help you as you learn to care for and program your crystals.

While Mrs. Lee is well versed in the use and maintenance of crystals, she offers many other services. Not only is she a licensed psychic in Orange County, but she also serves as a certified life coach. In her many years of experience, she has guided her clients on their life journey. When you seek her services, she will meet with you to see what your specific needs and goals are. She will then determine the best services to help you with your unique healing journey. Call Mrs. Lee today and take the first steps in your restorative journey.

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